Nothing Like New York Nostalgia and MN Equivalents

So it’s been about two months since I’ve been back in the Land of 10,000+ Lakes, and while I am enjoying 90% of my minutes here… Let’s be serious, there are a few… Continue reading

Vietnamese Victory: The Twin Cities Battle of Pho, Banh Mi and Spring Rolls

So the Malaysian and I tend to eat a lot of Asian-ish food- Never fear, we will branch out and make this blog a bit more diversified I promise. But there is no… Continue reading

Fall Farmers’ Market Fun: Exploring, Tasting and Cooking Stew

“Hey.. wanna go to the farmers’ market tomorrow?” Not.. even.. a.. question. YES! Why does the farmers’ market seem like a far better way to spend my Saturday morning than a trip to… Continue reading

The Malaysian’s Haven: Quang Minh

425 13th Ave Minneapolis, MN 55414 Who would have known a restaurant nestled in Dinkytown situated right across from Burrito Loco would make the Malaysian almost jump up and down at the thought… Continue reading

Chicken in the Kitchen: The Making of Hainan Chicken Rice

Chicken rice? Really? Why blog about a dish so simple when there are exponential amounts of other dishes we’ve made and could have showcased? Well, as they always say.. (Even though I don’t… Continue reading

Majestic Minneapolis: The Stone Arch Bridge

As the sun fell on a flawless late August day, the Malaysian and I found our stomachs comfortably refueled, our legs ready to walk, and our camera ready to take pictures of something… Continue reading

3 Malaysians, an Uzbekistanian and a Minnesotan go to the Great Minnesota Eat Together.

Saturday, September 3, 2011 Five old St. Cloud State University college friends joined the 215,847 other Minnesota State Fair goers for a fall-like day of Twins memorabilia clad people watching, too much walking,… Continue reading

Your Mom’s Kimchi and Tofu House

“I’m hungry..where do you want to go for supper?” Annoyed and sarcastic, “I don’t know, your mom’s house.” “Okay let’s go to the Kimchi and Tofu House.” 307 SE Oak St Minneapolis, MN… Continue reading

MinneSushi Adventure to Masu Sushi and Robata.

First blogged food adventure took us to: Masu Sushi and Robata. 330 East Hennepin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55414 This was our second feast at this establishment and we certainly were not disappointed in… Continue reading

Tristin enters Twins Territory

Wednesday night. Clear skies, slight breeze and no need for bug spray or a winter jacket = perfect Minnesota weather and night for Tristin’s first ever baseball game. Minnesota Twins versus Baltimore Orioles… Continue reading