Tristin enters Twins Territory

Wednesday night.

Clear skies, slight breeze and no need for bug spray or a winter jacket = perfect Minnesota weather and night for Tristin’s first ever baseball game.

Minnesota Twins versus Baltimore Orioles

Final score: Orioles-6 Twins-1

Text from my dad watching the game from home:

I am glad I didn’t pay to see the game.

So it wasn’t the most exciting game, the Twins didn’t exactly provide the most entertainment- but most everything else about the night made it worth the venture to the North Loop. 

What made the $9.00 plus fees Stub Hub grand stand tickets worth it?

Target Field– “Everything is in HD” Yeah, even though I spent so little on the seats, I was still able to see all the happenings (too bad there weren’t many) of the game without feeling I didn’t pay to see ants swing bats and wear baseball caps. Like everyone says, there isn’t a bad seat in the house.

The Atmosphere- All staff I encountered were so courteous and treated everyone with great care and concern. The Target Field staff also keeps the brand new stadium looking clean and pristine and there wasn’t a discarded peanut shell in the place. Given the cleanliness and the way one is treated by the staff, it naturally encourages baseball fans to use the recycling and garbage cans. Yes for people who treat places with care and concern.

The People- Even though there were about 10 elderly people who could never seem to find their assigned seats even after us kicking two of them out of our own, the proudly clad Twins attire crowd was laid-back, hey-I-know-you-from-somewhere, or lets strike up a conversation about the people who can’t find their seats. No mobs anywhere, no animosity that the Twins weren’t exactly all-stars that night, all hanging out, standing around and enjoying the company of the people they came with or the overpriced but decent quality food items.

The Food- $7.25 beer, $4.75 bottle of soda, $7.00 polish brats, $5.50 Angie’s kettle corn. Typical stadium food, typical stadium prices. We ate before the game knowing we’d end up paying more for food that the tickets and gas to get there.. But if you’re looking for the experience, Target Field really uped their standards from the Metrodome.

Twins Tips:

  • Try to buy your tickets on Stub Hub, or if you’re in the area just go to the field. In my opinion, go for the grand stand tickets over the high home plate view and even try to spend $2.00 more per ticket, you’ll usually get a bit better of a seat. If you do decide to get the $6.00 tickets, no problem. If you’re up for standing and walking, the main level provides many places to stand with awesome views and not too many people willing to elbow you out of the way for the same look.
  • Parking can be easy to find on the streets, there’s actually a $5.00 ramp near the stadium, and a few $5.00 parking lots that are just four or five blocks away. If you live relatively close, bike there. There are so many bikes that surround the stadium. Bike racks are free!
  • Target Field lets people bring in outside food! Take advantage of that.. because if you plan just a little ahead, you could go to a Target store and get a huge bag of Angie’s popcorn for $3.00 instead of having to pay $5.50 for a smaller bag there. (This doesn’t apply to liquids, they’ll take those away at the door.)
  • Get a cheap Twins t-shirt before you go. You’ll get to participate in the nostalgia, camaraderie, and TC pride when you’re there. Even if they loose, you still have a sense of community.
  • Find TC Bear and get a pic.