Your Mom’s Kimchi and Tofu House

“I’m hungry..where do you want to go for supper?”

Annoyed and sarcastic, “I don’t know, your mom’s house.”

“Okay let’s go to the Kimchi and Tofu House.”

307 SE Oak St
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Cutting to the chase.. One thing I’ve really been missing about NYC.. Midtown, Food Gallery 32– so much cheap Korean food.

We give this place 3.5 out of 5 stars. We liked this place because even though the place had minimal seating, simple decor, a small menu and a staff of two.. the food was as fresh as it comes..

The sauce was out-of-this-world amazing.

The couple who run every single operation were able to effortlessly serve the packed restaurant of 8 tables over a Thursday dinner hour. Amid seating everyone, taking everyone’s order, taking everyone’s check and attending to everyone’s liquids, the mother of the house still took the time to tell me, “Don’t drink so so much water because you won’t be able to eat your dinner.”

The small menu consisted of mostly boiling tofu dishes… hence it is a tofu house after all, marinated meats and a few rice dishes.. To my great disappointment, the kimbap (김밥) option is no longer available. HUMPH!!!!!

What we ordered:

The Malaysian and Minnesotan shared:

Banchan always free

Kimchi tasted like it was made onsite, just enough dishes, not greasy, super fresh!

Sometimes, I wish I could just eat these for dinner…yummm.

The Malaysian:

Seafood Tofu Stew ( 순두부 찌개)  $7.99

The Malaysian ordered it “mild” as the last time he rained sweat from eating the medium. He thought it was fresh tasting- not MSG laden (like Dong Yang), a great balance of freshness, spiciness and taste combinations. There was also a generous amount of shrimp, clams and tofu. Tastes home-cooked and, in his opinion, is the best sundubu in the Minneapolis area. YAY!


The Minnesotan:

Of course, even though this is a tofu house, I would order the…

Bi Bim Bap ( 비빔밥) $7.99

Also very fresh, only being the fattie I am, and being accustomed to Food Gallery’s amount of veggies and beef.. Tofu House was with less ingredients for the same price and I was a bit disappointed…But walked out feeling satisfied nonetheless. Unlike the Malaysian, I like Dong Yang’s bi bim bap better because there, for just a bit more, you get a ton more veggies and meat.. I was also like my egg with the yolk on the top.

Atmosphere: Tables were full of Korean U of MN students, one socially awkward white girl med student.. One Malaysian guy with glasses and another white girl who could be mistaken as half hispanic or something of that nature. Yes, I am confident that these are the average demographics of the Tofu House.

Service: As alluded to before… Remarkable. Any relatively observant patron could catch on that the couple takes a lot of pride and puts love into the food they serve.

Food: Fresh, good combination of flavors, decently priced, right quantity.

Price: With tip: $21.00.. Not bad. not bad at all.

Notable things about the place: THE SAUCE IS AMAZING… And certainly the feel of the establishment, service, and the fact that it is located near TCF Stadium.

What the Minnesotan would get if she went back:

I’d hope the kimbap would magically reappear on the menu.

The Malaysian:

Beef Sundubu