There once was a Malaysian boy who moved to Minnesota for college computer stuff.

He braved his first winter and then met his soon-to-be best friend- a Minnesotan.

After sharing a not-so-awkward cup of Culver’s ice cream after a long night in the library, they found themselves planning more elaborate and exciting food adventures.

They spent the rest of their college career going on hostel vacations and ate their way through some of the biggest cities in the nation and abroad.

Since, they’ve found that their values lie within Minneapolis and in the company of each other with good food.

…As great of friends as the Malaysian and Minnesotan are, indecision of where to eat and go next causes rifts in numerous Friday and Saturday nights.

Therefore, they created this site to give them a purpose, and to fuel their foodie desires. With discarded shisha canisters full of places they want to try next, the luck of the draw becomes the decider, not the Malaysian or Minnesotan asking the other to pick from a list of three.

After the ripped piece of paper with name penned onto it is drawn, and the camera is packed, the duo set out to each review the establishment or experience. From time to time, there will be cooking adventures from home. You know, times are hard, but the stove can be fun too.

This site gives us purpose and let’s us justify being foodies….and fatties.