M & M in MN Revealed.

The Malaysian and Minnesotan:

The Malaysian 

When this guy isn’t trying to stay healthy eating foods such as crab salad, Tristin is an avid foosballer and computer gamer- hence his need for Minnesotan’s outdoor, non-screen activities. He also likes to cook, eat pastries, check his e-mail, Swiffer, hang out with his cat, and enjoys a great crafted beer once in a while or an artisan ice cream cone.

The Malaysian can be described as thoughtful, genuine, adventurous, hilarious and an exceptional ice skater..

The Minnesotan

Even though rocking at life is a full-time commitment, Valerie still finds a ton of time to do things she loves such as asking people questions, thinking of more questions to ask, talking about social justice, going to farmer’s markets, swimming, and thinking about a Utopian society, or just one without Michelle Bachmann. Additionally, this Minnesotan loves photos, writing, Yelping, people who want to hire her, and bubble tea.

The Minnesotan can be described as insightful, adventurous, creative, carefree, fun, silly and an inspiring fattie foodie.

She also shamelessly promotes her other blog: http://valerielise.wordpress.com/

They’re also accompanied by fellow fatties and food lovers, Micah and Matteo.

They have CATS!

They’re pretty awesome mostly because we got them on a 2 for 1 sale at the St. Cloud Humane Society.

The Malaysian’s Micah 

Tristin describes his beloved Micah (his name means “he who resembles God”) as, “Best summed up in two words- big softie. Tristin fell in love with Micah at the humane society because he just snuggled in his arms as he was carrying him. Micah loves basking in the sun, playing with toys, opening and hiding in random cabinets, giving hugs and kisses and is a huge scaredy cat. Much to Tristin’s disappointment, he likes to steal bread/pastries/tortillas from time to time.  When Valerie is not around, he’ll usually jump on me and sleep on Tristin’s chest until he falls asleep.”

The Minnesotan’s Matteo

Matteo is a tyrant. He is either really intelligent or as we have feared… autistic. He has ingenious, original and creative ways of  being a daily alarm clock, getting you to feed him, pet him, or just acknowledge his presence.  By the time you get super annoyed, you can’t help but break out into laughter and just wonder how he thinks of his actions. Sometimes he is good to have around and is a certainly exceptional conversation piece.