The Places We’ve Been!

The Minnesotan and Malaysian weren’t always this knowledgeable about food and how to hang out with each other. Believe me, the later took a while. Each trip that we’ve taken has been remarkably different and can definitely tell that our standards, tastes, and attitudes have changed since junior year in college.

Trip One:

New York City

Spring Break 2009! Who goes to New York City for spring break? We weren’t exactly looking to sit on a beach we were looking for adventure. And an adventure it was.. The Minnesotan had never been to a metropolis before and was in awe of things like.. big buildings… everywhere.

Some of the most laughable things looking back on this trip was how the Minnesotan tried get it across that the two were just friends traveling on the trip, tried to cross the street as if she was in New Ulm, wouldn’t let the Malaysian reach for her hand, got mad at the Malaysian for taking leftovers back to the hotel room because she didn’t want it to smell, and actually ate pizza. The Malaysian was so intent on us getting the most out of our experience that we had to be out of the hostel by 8:30am and couldn’t go back until 12:00pm at night… for a week. We also thought that spending a little more than a week in New York was far, far too long. Little did I know that I would later live there for a year.

Here we tried to tackle all of the New York musts such as pizza, hot dogs (the Malaysian was on his own) an amazing all-you-can-eat sushi place, Korean, pastries and a lot of really cheap meals that we probably shared because of our budget. We got a really cheap hostel at the Widget which we found on After all is said and done, this trip was probably more than a food adventure or vacation. It was a huge growing pain…experience.

Trip Two:


This trip closed out our last college summer as we were anticipating our senior year at SCSU. Even though we operated on a huge whim, we were able to see most everything notable to Chicago, stay in a decent and cheap hostel, and learn that we were capable of hanging out together for a week and have a really good time..even as the Minnesotan still insisted they were just friends.

We enjoyed Chicago a bit more than New York maybe because the city was a little more laid back, we had more of a budget and had grown up a little bit. Some of the favorite things we did here were the Bean (of course), the pier, accidentally going to a gay bar where Tristin was more than welcome, crashing a move-in weekend at a local college, farmer’s markets, parks and the Cubs stadium and eating some of the best sushi we’ve ever had.

Trip Three:

San Diego & San Francisco

Spring Break 2010! We had make our last spring break really count and actually go to more of a spring break destination so we booked our tickets to Cali. This proved to be the best trip yet as the Minnesotan didn’t insist that they were just friends, they didn’t really know their futures, were laid back and just really excited to go.

San Diego– even though we went for our spring break, we though this city was more of a ghost town. It seemed there were so many buildings and apartments, but no people in them.. Like everyone was on their own spring break. As I write this, I still can’t really think of anything that really stood out besides this restaurant we went to where we got really amazing $1.00 margaritas.. The beaches were nice but the presence of aggressive birds wasn’t an added bonus. The Minnesotan did fall in love with 7-11 here.

San Francisco- we immediately were taken and fell in love with this city. The Chinatown, markets, hills, views and amounts of things to do were phenomenal here. Of all the cities we’ve been to this is probably the one we got the greatest workouts in, had the best hostel with a huge shared kitchen, and seriously didn’t want to leave. Some of the really fun things about San Fran were the farmers markets, dim sum, piers, exploring the parks, the trolley system, Castro, Haight Street, and the weather.

Trip Four:



This trip can’t really be a summed up in a short readable paragraph. Malaysia was just one big eating extravaganza and a chance for Tristin to finally be tour guide of KL. Notable things about Malaysia- the insanely huge shopping malls, the heat, amount of inexpensive and abundant food options, the interesting driving habits, Tristin’s swimming pool and orange room, his parents’ generosity and the fresh fruits. Additionally, the pineapple hookah, array of great drinks, and cendol are still vividly in my mind.


Bali proved to be a really interesting island. Full of artisans, roadside sculptures, breathtaking scenery, Balinese Hindu offerings, and Australian surfers and tourists. We were also fortunate to spend part of our time in Bali at a villa located on a black sand beach complete with a servant staff… Whoa. Bali is known for their traditional Balinese dance (which we attended) and their pork dishes (which we ate). Tristin made sure we had a massage pretty much every day including one right on the beach. Servants, massage.. My socioeconomic status went through the roof here. Even though the the gap between the rich and poor was staggering and omnipresent, the island was a laid-back place where basically everyone seemed genuinely happy and loving. Speaking of, this place is great for weddings.. (Oh hey we attended one of those here too!)

Where are we going next?

Portland/ Seattle?

Puerto Rico?


Hmm. I’ll need to get some money.